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Secondary Legislation

Secondary Legislation for Energy

Regulation on the quality of supply and network security performance in the electricity transmission system

Regulation on the standard criteria of the supply quality service and the security performance of the Electricity Distribution Grid

Regulation for ERE Organization, Operation and Procedures

Regulation for the procedures of electricity purchase

The Regulation on the Procedures and Terms for License Issue, Modification, Transferring, Renewal or License Termination in the Power Sector

Regulation for Handling the Complaints Submitted by the Customers and Settling the Disputes Between the Licensee, on Power and Natural Gas Sectors

Regulation on New Connections in the Distribution System

-New Connection Agreement

-Tariffs for the New Connections

Regulation on the Procedures of Asset Transfer from the Licensees

Regulation on the Certification of the Transmission System Operator for Electricity

Regulation on Investment Plans

Albanian Electricity Market Rules

Temporary Market Rules

Rules on Cross-Border Capacity Management

Rules on defining the data form and the procedure for the supplier’s access to the data of Electricity Distribution Operator

Regulation on closed distribution systems

Regulation on the meter accuracy complaint

The Conditions for the Licensee Charged with Universal Service Obligation for the Electricity Market in Albania

Regulation on Switching the Electricity Supplier

Transitional Rules for Electricity Balancing Mechanism

Regulation on the Procedures of Imposing and Reducing the Fines

Regulation of License Removal in Power and Natural Gas Sector  

Rules on the publication of electricity market fundamental data

Rules on the Protection of Confidential Information

Regulation on cyber security of critical infrastructures in the power sector

The general conditions of the universal service contract for the supply with electricity of the end use customers

Regulation on specific conditions for the interruption of the electricity supply of the Vulnerable Customers

Regulation of the procedures of new connections and the modification of the existing ones in the transmission system

Regulation on the general conditions of the electricity supply service for the end use customers

Regulation on allocation of interconnection capacities

Regulation on defining the approval of the regulatory fees

Rules on electricity market monitoring

Regulation on Secondary Sources of Electricity 

- Codes
Transmission Network Code

Distribution Code

Metering Code

Network Code on Requirements for Grid Connection of Generators

Network Code on Demand Connection

Network Code on requirements for grid connection of high voltage direct current systems and direct current-connected power park modules


- Methodologies

Electricity Transmission Methodology

Electricity Distribution Methodology

Methodology of setting the Electricity sale price from the supplier of last resort

Methodology on defining the Retail Electricity Sale Price for the end-users supplied from the Universal Service Supplier (USS)

Methodology on calculating the tarifs of the electricity production company whose shares are fully/partially controlled by the state and charged with public service obligation

Regulation and methodology for calculating and setting the economic damage caused from the illegal interventions on the electricity metering system

- License types

Electricity Generation License

License for Electricity Trading Activity

License on Electricity Distribution System Operation Activity

Electricity Supply License

License for Electricity Market Operator Activity

License for Electricity Transmission System Operation

- Contracts

Regulation on the general conditions of the electricity supply service for the end use customers

Contract for electricity sale-purchase between oshee company and the electricity priority producers

- Other

Approved with ERE board decision no. 199 dated 27.11.2020 internal regulation on the organization and operation of Energy Regulator Authority

ERE's  Rules of Practice and Procedure

Rules and Procedure on Certification  of Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources

Qualification Register of RES

Transmission Service Agreement

Agreement for Ensuring the Electricity Distribution Service

Regulation of License Removal in Power and Natural Gas Sector

Contract on the provision of services of the Compliance Officer

Regulation on the Procedure of Electricity Market Registration

Regulation on Specific Conditions for the Interruption of the Electricity Supply For Vulnerable Customers

Regulation on issuing, transfering or cancelation of the guarantee of origin for electricity produced from renewable resources

The standards for handling the electricity and natural gas complaints from the licensees in the supply activity

Secondary Legislation for Natural Gas

Rules on the Certification of the Transmission System Operator for GAS

Guidelines for Managment and Allocation of Capacity of the TAP Project

Criteria for determination of access to natural gas storage facilities

Gas Tariff Methodology

License Regulation in Natural Gas Sector

License Removal Regulation

Regulation for ERE organization, operation and procedures

Regulation for handling the complaints and settling the disputes

Regulation on imposing the fines in natural gas sector

Regulation on the procedures of asset transfer from the license

Regulation of submitting the investment plan in Natural Gas Sector

Operational rules for the supplier  of last resort

Rules on Switching the Supplier in Natural Gas Sector

Rules for ensuring third party access to the transmission system and transparency in natural gas sector

Contract on the provision of Compliance Officer services

Compliance Program of the Transmission System Operator for Natural Gas

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/459 of 16 March 2017 establishing a network code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems and repealing Regulation (EU) No 984/2013

Regulation on defining the Standards and Minimum Criteria of the Quality of Service and Supply of Natural Gas Network

The metering plan for the universal service supplier “to meet the rights of the electricity supply customers”

- Licenses

Natural Gas Transmission License

Natural Gas Distribution License

Natural Gas Supply License

Natural Gas Trading License